Outdoor Polyester U.S. Flag


    The flag industry is also being hit supply chain demand.  There is a shortage of American Made U.S. Flags.  We work with 5 major U.S. Flag manufacturers and are doing our best to keep flags in stock  If we do not have a Polyester flag in your size check the nylon flags.  We are supplied with Nylon flags but do not know when our next shipment of flags will come in.  Its first come first serve.  Thank you for understanding.

    The most durable flag on the market.  Heavy 2-ply polyester combines strength and color brightness.  Sewn stripes and embroidered or sewn stars.  Sizes 3×5′ through 6×10′ are finished with canvass heading and grommets, larger sizes have strong rope heading and thimbles.

    Quantity Discounts on Sizes 2×3′ thru 6×10′
    Order 3-5 flags save 2%
    Order 6-8 flags save 4%
    Order 9-11 flags save 8%
    Order 12 + flags save 10%


    To save money on larger flags keep in mind we can do repairs.  If flags are caught at the first sign of tearing we can cut the torn fly-end and re-hem.  We suggest buying 2 or 3 flags at a time.  When the first 2 flags start to tear send them back to us for repair for a fraction of the cost of a new flag.  You will always have a good flag flying and save money.

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    Reinforce Fly-end?

    No, Yes, Heavy Duty


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