Ohio Proud For Decades.

    We are the fusion of 3 long-standing, Ohio Proud establishments. We have been at this game for decades, and we are honored to continue the work of the flag dealers who are responsible for our company name. Please read below to learn more about the 3 families that made this all possible; Louella Collins – Betsy Ross Flag Company of Dayton; Karen and Jon Kurtz – Creative Banners, Flags, & Poles of Kettering; and Don Workman – Ameriflag Inc. of Cleveland.

    Louella Collins

    The Betsy Ross Flag Company

    Louella began her sewing career at the age of 18 at Rollins Original doing custom embroidery on dresses and suits.  She moved to Detroit in the 1940’s and continued her sewing at American Flag and Banner.  Louella worked there for 23 years as a sewer and supervisor of the sewing department.  In 1973 Louella and her husband Hank decided to move to the Dayton, Ohio area.  She is quoted as saying, “I didn’t even intend to sell flags again but Dayton didn’t have a flag shop and I was getting fat and bored.”   So she said why not.  In 1974 The Betsy Ross Flag Company is established at Hank and Louella Collins’s home.  She made custom flags in her basement and used the same flag manufacturers we still use today for U.S.and state flags.

    Don Workman

    Ameriflag Inc.

    Don Workman is a man of the flag, and also a well known staple in his Cleveland, Ohio neighborhood of  Old Brooklyn. Don has poured his life into the flag business, and when it came time to hang up his hat, he wanted to make sure his business was in good hands. Don still maintains close contact with Betsy Ross Ameriflag as a consultant.  We are honored to have Don’s trust and to be able to carry on the Ameriflag Inc. traditions.

    Creative's Kettering, Ohio Storefront

    In 1978, after serving in the military during the Vietnam War, Jon Kurtz and his wife decided to start a business in Dayton, where Karen’s father Benoit Singleton owned a window factory. The couple bought the Long Sign Company and made illuminated and painted signs.  It has changed its name over the years to reflect the products and services it provides. The original business, Creative Signs, sold business signs and billboard advertising. With a rising customer demand for flags in the 1980s, the name became Creative Signs & Flags. A changing signage industry due to the introduction of vinyl products that made nice advertising banners and the popular hobby of flying kites, resulted in the next name change, Creative Banners Flags & Kites. The most recent and current name is Creative Banners Flags & Poles and reflects the current interest in installing flag poles and a decreased interest in kites.  We look forward to serving all Karen and Jon’s customer with the same quality and care they provided the past 45 years.

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